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on cooperation in the sphere of consumers' protection, competition policy and development of entrepreneurship between the Government of the Russian Federation and State Council of the People's Republic of China

The Government of the Russian Federation and Government of the People's Republic of China hereinafter referred to as "Parties"

   expressing a will to develop a cooperation in the sphere of consumers protection, carry out of a competition policy and development of entrepreneurship,

   proceeding from the principles of equality and mutual benefit,

   acting In compliance with the Joint Declaration on the basis of mutual relations between the Russian Federation and People's Republic of China as of December 18, 1992,

   bearing in mind Guiding Principles for protection of consumer Interests adopted by UN General Assembly on April 9, 1985 (Resolution 39/248),

   have agreed as follows:

Article 1

The Parties will promote and strengthen cooperation in the field of consumer protection, promotion of entrepreneurship and competition with due regard to Interests of both Parties.

Article 2

1. Cooperation between Parties will be exercised in the basic directions as follows:

  • development and realization of Joint activities for the purpose of ensuring a proper consumers protection;
  • participation in elaboration of proposals in perfecting and rapproching acts of standards n the field of consumers protection, promotion of business undertakings, competition and realization of the antimonopoly activity;
  • creation of conditions for formation of a civilized commodity and service market;
  • assist population, enterprises, organizations of both countries in realization of consumers protection and competition policy;
  • strengthening state control over quality and safety of exporting goods;
  • promotion of cooperation In matters of establishing an independent expertise for consumer goods;
  • creation of conditions for developing economic and Investment cooperation and Joint business undertakings;

  • assist In promotion of small and medium business;
  • creation of conditions for efficient work of commodity and fund markets;
  • assist cooperation between the state and public agencies In the field of consumers protection and promotion of entrepreneurship.
  • 2. A list of directions of cooperation envisaged in point 1 of the current Article is not comprehensive and can be added with other directions of cooperation on agreement by the Parties.

    Article 3

    1. The Parties will make an exchange of information on development of a legislative base not rarely than once every six months on experience of work on consumers protection, support of entrepreneurship, antimonopoly regulation, results of research for assessment the conditions of commodity markets and their forecasting, sociological researches of consumers opinions on quality of goods, work of manufacturing and trade enterprises as well as other Information of mutual interest.

    2. The Parties will exchange with specialists, as well as, training programs and education of consumers In matters of consumer protection.

    Article 4

    By the request of one of the Parties consultations will be arranged on problems relating to realization of the current Agreement.

    Article 5

    A mixed Commission on cooperation will be set up for Implementation of this Agreement In the field of consumer protection, promotion of business undertakings and competition. During 30 days from the date of putting Into force the current Agreement the Parties will notify each other on appointment of Co-Chairman of the Commission.

    Article 6

    Each Party will bear the expenses independently relating to execution of the present Agreement if otherwise agreed between them.

    Article 7

    Any additions and amendments to the current Agreement will be agreed by Parties In writing.

    Article 8

    Present Agreement will not affect the right and obligation of the Parties relating to other international agreements where they participate.

    Article 9

    Present Agreement will come into force from the date of its signing and will be effective before expiration of 6 months from the date of written notification send by one of the Parties to another on its Intention to cease its effect.

    Article 10

    Performed "___"_______ 1994 In two copies, in Russian

    and Chinese languages, hereby, both are of equal force.

    For the Government of

    For Government of

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